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Rebekka Schnepper


Ph.D. Student in the ERC-funded project

  • MSc, Research Master Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • BSc, Psychology, University of Basel

Research Interests

During my bachelor's studies, I became interested in nutrition, eating habits and the connection between physical and mental health. I implemented these interests during my master's studies, e.g. in my thesis that investigated informational health messages. 

My current research focuses on the etiology of unhealthy eating patterns and eating disorders. Further, I am interested in emotional eating, self-control, obesity, and new societal trends like orthorexia, vegetarianism/veganism, fast food consumption, and food waste. 

My aim is to connect research with practice through developing new interventions, like EMA applications and programs that are easily integrated in daily life, e.g. mindfulness exercises. 


Schnepper, R., Meule, A., Reichenberger, J., & Blechert, J. (2017). Wie Emotionen Appetit und Essverhalten bestimmen. NUTRITION-News14, 1-4. pdf
Schnepper, R., Richard, A., Wilhelm, F. H., & Blechert, J. (2019). A combined mindfulness–prolonged chewing intervention reduces body weight, food craving, and emotional eating. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology87(1), 106–111. pdf