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Naturalistic fear conditioning

In several projects, we are exploring alternative, externally valid ways of studying naturalistic fear conditioning. In one project headed by Prof. F. Wilhelm we use aversive video clips as USs and natural sounds a CSs. Relevant references:
    Wegerer, M., Blechert, J. & Wilhelm, F. H. (in press). Emotionales Lernen: Ein naturalistisches experimentelles     
    Paradigma zur Untersuchung von Angsterwerb und Extinktion mittels aversiver Filme.
Zeitschrift für Psychiatrie,     
    Psychologie & Psychotherapie.
 61 (2), 93-103, IF: 1.3. .pdf
    Wegerer, M., Blechert, J., Kerschbaum, H & Wilhelm, F. H. (in press). Relationship between fear conditionability
    and aversive memories: evidence from a novel conditioned-intrusion paradigm. PLOS One, IF: 3.73

In another project, we use social stimuli as both CS and US. In that project we are also looking at effects of reappraisal during fear extinction. (congress presentation in German)